Thursday, October 16, 2008

How about another "Sneak Peek"?

Since decorating our laundry room has proven t be a much bigger project than I originally envisioned it to be! I don't have any finished photographs to show you yet! I know, I know... I need to get busy!
I have to admit that's it has been exciting to see the room transform and become. I've truly enjoyed coming up with a variety of creative ways to decorate the space. It's all that prep work that seems to have burnt me out and I really needed to get away from it for a few days!!!
Thankfully, Don picked up where I left off.
He's been busy --- running to the hardware store for more white spray paint, spray painting the shelf brackets white once again, cutting the shelving to the needed lengths, and PATIENTLY putting the slats back into the broken shutter door; and Yes! he even managed to get it re-hung.! Talk about making me feel bad?! But that didn't stop me as he continued to work on the laundry room, and I played!
Do you see that beautiful jar? It's a recycled, plastic Mayo container that I hung onto, believing I could use it for something. {Perhaps, a fairy in a jar for my studio?} Anyways, I had all the laundry products that we use on a regular basis out on our kitchen counter, when I discovered
that I had three boxes of powdered Clorox II. Since I can use it on my own colored clothes as Don has very sensitive skin, I quickly realized that I certainly wouldn't need three boxes of the stuff cluttering up the freshly painted cabinet! That's when it realized how much it appeared to look like a white sand on a beach so I tried to take advantage of that by pouring it into the jar, tossing in a few seashells, and adding a piece of the co-ordinating fabric and jute tied over the lid! Talk about a visual escape!!! Isn't it
simply perfect for the space?
Well, today, my "beach escape" seems to be over.
Don, threw the beach ball back to me when he gave me
instructions" of where the shelf brackets, the level, and the shelving is located before he left for work today. And all I seem to be thinking about is finding or creating a "Gone To The Beach" sign.

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