Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's been a fairly busy week on the homefront, in a puttering-around sort of way. I've been able to re-established my computer area and have been busy re-installing, downloading drivers, ect. I have the all-in-one printer/copier/scanner to install yet and need to contact Gary as I don't have any sound. He upgraded a sound card in my computer and we've had to play with it a little in the past, and hopefully, he can do that without re-installing Windows. I certainly don't want to do all of this again, LOL!
Yesterday, I was finally able to get ahold of Provo Craft customer service to re-install my Cricut Design Studio. What a pain in a butt to have to do each and every time my computer hiccups, but perhaps, they'll eventually get tired of me and do something to rectify this situation. In the meantime, like most things, I'll just have to take it all in stride.
I made a couple full sheet designs using the Plantin Schoolbook, Stone Script, and the Home Decor cartridge and cut those out yesterday. To date, I've created one card using the Cricut. The card is for an internet friend who I have yet to send out a Vintage Collage Mingle to {that we completed back in October!} I've had my collages created but somehow they just haven't made it into the mail. Let's just say that I created a card sentiment to reflect that and I'll upload it once the digital cam is re-installed.
In other news, I'm in the process of setting up and organizing a home office in the rear portion of our kitchen. I originally believed that I just wanted the Cricut and accessories, some tools, stamps and inks, but as I continue to work I'm finding I want this, and that, and the other. But with the space limitations, I really had to consider what it is I want to do here and settle on of the basics. I keep reminding myself that the goal here is to get back into the swing of creating on a regular basis, and I can always take the project into the studio or bring "just enough" in to finish it. I think it's all gonna work itself in the end.
Well, another busy day lies ahead, so I'm off to get started. See ya all soon and take care, my friends. I'll be back, hopefully, with some pics to share!

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