Thursday, February 26, 2009

Catching Up...

Today, I am working on some of the layouts that I need to create for my p. 365

and since I jumped ahead creating a few pages, so that I could capture some photographs to add for those days, I sort of skipped around filling in where needed. On the layout above, the photograph will be replaced by the same photograph, it's now drying after I reprinted it onto actual photo paper, printing it onto cardstock really washed it out, losing a lot of the little details.
The re-print looks promisingly better, I assure you, and I "digitally" alter the layout above in an attempt to capture the actual colors I used for it.

This layout, came about as "an after thought" as I discovered myself saving some of
Alexxis' little drawings. Above the journaling, I used a K&Co. rub on that reads,
"Treasures of the Heart"
My handwritten journaling reads,
"They say the apple doesn't fall from the tree,"
so when I hear you say,
"I wanna draw,"
"I wanna create cards."
I AM reminded of me as a child.
The quote is a K&Co. rub-on:
What greater thing is there
for human souls than to feel
that they are joined for life -
to be with each other in silent
unspeakable memories.
~ George Eliot

and Alexxis' little drawing.
{She draws "smiley faces" then, informs you "This is you" and "This is Me."}

{isn't that precious?}

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