Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Collection of Everyday Moments....

Even with hubby's "day's off", I've somehow managed to keep up with my p. 365 photo taking.
On Sunday, my dd, Amber showed up to ask if we could possibly watch Little Miss while she ran her weekly errands of grocery shopping, bill paying, and house cleaning. "Of course, we'll keep her!" seems to be the only response that both Don and I know, so instead of running around "to God only knows where" we stayed home and really enjoyed our time with her.

Mommy left strict warnings about "No more Sugar!" as Alexxis' behavior had definately taken a turn for the worst. Everything was "me/mine", "I want/need" and "cause for arguing/back-talking/tantrum throwing" no matter what the topic of conversation was or what you desired for her to comply with.

This photograph reflects Alexxis' normally sunny temperment after several spent days of "sugar-detoxing" and Yes! Mommy is right. That isn't just "the terrible two's"...

"Come On. Let's go brush those pearly whites!"

My other photographs are just sort of random shots taken around our home, as I cleaned on Sunday......

and Monday, before heading out the door,

my favorite pair of "shopping shoes",

Do you remember the dishes I mentioned I should have purchased?
Well, Don didn't forget! I swear he's asked me everyday,
"Honey, are you sure you don't want to go back to Home Goods and buy those dishes?"

I swear I tried to resist!
I came up with every excuse there was not to purchase these.

"We don't entertain often enough"

"I already have a nice set of dishes."

But SWOON, aren't these gorgeous?
I loved the colors and the Spring/Summer-y design; not to mention that they will go well with our kitchen decor.

Thanks! Baby.
{sometimes, I need to be "pushed"}

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