Thursday, February 19, 2009

Winter re-runs....

I started to type "winter returns..." for my title, but in my heart it feels more like "winter re-runs" as I'm am so yearning for Spring! Can you believe this was the view from my computer this morning around 6:45 a.m.? Of course, the snow would vary in intensity over that period of time, but for a few moments we were experiencing white out conditions.
{I thought perhaps my sister in Texas may be missing this right about now, LOL! Are you sure you don't want come up for a visit? I assure you it was very different yesterday, with its teases of sunshine, warmer temps...and that yearning for Spring, even if was only in my heart.}
Don and I had a wonderful timeyesterday. We enjoyed one another's company while we took a short road trip to Polaris. Our first stop was Home Goods, where I picked 3 matching glass canisters with label holders on the front of them to use for craftstorage; [and yes, baby. I'm still kicking myself for not picking up those dishes I really, really loved. We may have to go back.]
Our next stop was Michael's, where I discovered a Making Memories Embellishment Storage Box on clearance. I thought it would perfect for allowing me to go through my embellishment cases in the studio, so take I could take whatever I desired to have close at hand with me inside, yet organized.
Then, we stopped at PetSmart. Picked up Chaos' dog food and a new leather collar. I always worry his will break and I won't have another one one hand, so I've been watching this one a little more closely. We browsed in Kirkland's
I made a dash into B&N's to obtain the latest copy of Stamper's Sampler. Of course, I couldn't help but notice all the Somerset Studio publications on the shelves. Somerset Studios. Sew Somerset. Somerset Life. Artful Blogging. Somerset Memories. Stamper Sampler. {I didn't see the new Art Journaling - I'd would probably picked it up for inspiration with my project 365} Anyways, being in that aisle, is like being in heaven! So much eye candy to look at! But have you noticed the prices of some of these "magazines"? I think perhaps I'm going to have to start submitting my work so I can start receiving a few free copies; a girl could broke lusting after all of these and desirin every issue! LOL!
Before, you knew it, we off once again. This time to browse to TJ Maxx, pick up some Jamician coffee for a couple friends; then, on to JoAnn's Etc. where I found the 12"x24" Cricut mat, but didn't purchase one. We stopped for a wonderful dinner before returning to our hometown and visiting with friends for the evening. It was a wonderful day!
Earlier today, I made my way out to the studio, MM Embellishment Box in hand. As I worked to fill up all the little compartments, I was amazed at the amount of stuff this box holds.
I'm desiring to capture a photo of it filled today, along with the jars, for yesterday's project 365 photo. {Can you believe, I forgot to take my camera... and never once thought to use my cell phone?}
I went through and picked out some Spring colored and themed cards from my stash for inspiration to create some cards. I gathered up some pastel cardstock and printed papers. Then, I found myself desiring some of my wood mounted stamps so I packed up a bag and emptied two acrylic shelves, then refilled them with the above theme stamps only. Four trips later, I was back in the house, sitting at the table stamping my heart out!
{I needed a break so I thought I'd update my blog quickly! I'm off to either make some cards or catch up with my project 365 pages.}
Chat soon.

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