Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Milk Carton and Mini Magazine Tote...

While online browsing for clear envelope bags yesterday, I made a note to myself to check online for some box tutorials for some of my card sets. You know you can find a tutorial for almost anything on the internet, right? So today when I discovered this thread on 2P's:

I couldn't resist creating one so I followed the directions I found here:

This creates the 4 1/4 "x 5 1/2" Magazine holder and is created in two parts;

versus this one: {which makes a one piece mini}

I could not believe how simple this was to create and I'll
definitely be making more of these! Are they not absolutely adorable? I'm thinking I should create a lot of them... Definitely some as Mother's Day Gift Sets and
perhaps a few masculine style for Father's Day.
And I also discovered this milk carton on Splitcoast Stamper's some time ago, but somehow never got around to creating myself one until today. I believe I should make up a dozen or so to sell, as well. Of course, I'll have to fill them up some good chocolates. These would also be perfect for a young child's birthday... as they aren't too big nor too little... especially when filling them with candy!

I know a certain little someone who will definately be finding one of these in her Easter basket!
Here's the instructions/tutorial for it:

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* lisa * said...

Thanks for these links. Your card holders/cards are gorgeous!